my conditions

you will get a minimum of 50 photographs


all photographs are selected colour corrected and lightly retouched by me within 2 weeks


photographs will be given to you in a form of a gallery with both colourful & black and white versions and will be available for download for 3 months 


photo of your look (clothes) has to be discussed and approved minimum one week before an actual shoot


makeup & hair by request (paid extra)


if there are no suitable clothes you can always borrow from the client’s wardrobe


I am free to post your pictures on my social media and website


if you want your shoot to be confidential it’s price will be +50% to the original

I work with both people comfortable in front of the camera and people with no shooting experience


all you need is trust and participation in the process! I will always guide you and help.. it is important for me that the shooting takes place in a comfortable and trusting atmosphere ♡

shooting takes place outdoors in nature (beach/fields/mountains) and not limited by time. we shoot till we get good results 


your clothes must be simple and minimalistic in neutral colours 

please note!


I shoot without makeup or with a minimal amount of it


I do natural skin retouching - I remove temporary imperfections (acne, redness) if any


I will not make another person out of you in Photoshop


In photography simplicity and authenticity are very important to me ♡